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Philip and the Butterfly
Comes to life on DVD

Be the witness of a metamorphosis that transcends the world of insects

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DVD now available at the National Film Board of Canada.

You can order online from the NFB Store.

A study guide is available for educators.

Or call the NFB's Customer Service line.
In Canada: 1-800-267-7710 or 514-283-9000 (Montreal area)
U.S.A.: 1-800-542-2164     International: 514-283-9000

You can also order your copy by sending an email to info@nfb.ca.
(Please specify whether your copy is for home use or for a school, a library or a company.)

Philip and the Butterfly
An animated film by Sébastien Deschênes  —  A story by Jacqueline Langis

Click here to read about this exciting adventure

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All Rights Reserved

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